Love us hunts down the coolest stuff on the 2ndhand, auction and vintage sites, making it easier for you to re-use and recycle without compromising on style. We’re not personally selling these items, we just want more of you to buy more of them. We think you might if you didn’t have to trawl through the dross to find the cool stuff.

The Green Me Network

iloveyou2 is part of The Green Me Network, a project that has been set up to create elegantly eco websites, by and for women who care about others and the planet but aren’t full-on environmentalists. Our other website is, with more to follow if you like what we’re doing.

Who’s us?

We’re a bunch of friends who would like to make a difference. The Green Me Network is run on a voluntary ‘skills swap’ basis at the moment, which seems a rather good and right place to start. Between us we are conscientious about our life choices and luckily have yonks of experience in media, design, style, interiors, fashion, journalism and web stuff.

Contact us

If you would like to help, advise, offer up a skill for free because you believe in and feel excited about what we’re doing, you can contact us at We’d welcome all sorts.

© The Green Me Network 2008


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